Kadeja Tasnim

In the flowers that grow through the concrete pavement,
The flowers that create cracks in the infrastructure,
And squeeze through gaps so small, it shouldn’t be possible,
I see you. 
Defiant, resilient, loud, I see you. 
The colour of olives, yellow and golden, brown and black, the earth itself. 
Roots that wrap themselves around the earth in twirls and knots,
Delicate, gentle, yet fierce you propel through the concrete.
I see you.

The sun sees you, long before anyone knows you’re there,
Long before you’ve made your appearance, It shines on you. 
Through the gaps, the cracks, the holes, the concrete,
It sees you. 
The earth favours you and you the earth; it’s where you come from.
So It can’t keep you, the concrete ceiling, you were made for the sky
And with Petals like wings, you’ve learnt to fly.

Kadeja Tasnim

Kadeja Tasnim is an English and Creative Writing student at the University of Birmingham.

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