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Snow Days

By Nadia Henderson

Nadia Henderson's free-verse poem 'Snow Days' explores the simple joy of an unexpected day off work against the difficult backdrop of the climate crisis that has caused it. Read More

1 year ago

Don’t Let Them Get High Off Your Narcissistic Supply: Rule #1 Do Not Offer Yourself Up as the Scapegoat

By Riley Forsythe

Don’t Get High off Your Narcissistic Supply is a series of poems that offer up nurturing advice to anyone who, like an awkward newborn giraffe stumbles to find their footing on sturdy ground, has newly awakened to realise they have been the victim of narcissistic abuse. The series aims to gently support with wry humour and inner child healing suggestions. Read More

1 year ago

Pub Crawl

By Safa Maryam

In Pub Crawl, the narrator finds herself in a familiar setting and situation. This time, however, she is years older and a little wiser to the rose-tinted and romanticised view she had of the same scene and circumstances she stood in so many times before, when she was just nineteen and in love. Read More

1 year ago

At Work and Talking to You

By Sophie Diver

At Work and Talking to You centres around those conversations we’ve all found ourselves in, often in the workplace, navigating between self-worth and the judgment of others. Wisdom truly reveals itself in how we deal with conversations like this and the poem delivers tenderness to an otherwise irritating experience. Read More

1 year ago

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