Dear Damsels Book Bundle


This special bundle of five books celebrates Dear Damsels’ empowering list of collections of fiction, non-fiction and poetry, bringing together the diverse range of voices and experiences of the women writers we publish.

The bundle contains all five of our recently published books:

Let Me Know When You’re Home: Stories of Female Friendship

What She’s Having: Stories of Women and Food

Tools For Surviving A Storm by Nadia Henderson

So Long As You Write: Women on Writing

All the Women She Knows by Tutku Barbaros

From food to friendship, wilderness to creative writing, each collection brings women’s voices to timeless topics. Order now and get your hands on these brilliant collections, all intended to be cherished, shared with friends, and returned to time and time again.

Save 20% when you order the books together as a bundle!

Let Me Know When You’re Home: Stories of Female Friendship

Fifteen women writers look at female friendship in all its forms, in a collection of fiction, non-fiction and poetry that is both a frank exploration of these relationships and a true celebration of what women can achieve with the support of each other.

What She’s Having: Stories of Women and Food

Whole stories are made across a dinner table, and in What She’s Having, sixteen writers explore the complex and meaningful relationships that women have with the food we cook, eat and share.

Tools for Surviving a Storm: Eleven Tales of Nature, Love and Fear

In a transporting, original collection, Nadia Henderson examines the lines between nature and the human world through stories set in landscapes both brutal and beautiful.

So Long As You Write: Women on Writing

Fifteen women writers explore what happens when we give ourselves the space to create, as a reminder that it doesn’t matter who is reading – so long as you write. Includes creative writing tips and advice from Kerry Ryan, founder of Write Like a Grrrl. 

All the Women She Knows by Tutku Barbaros

Through eleven triumphant and relatable short stories, Tutku Barbaros explores the magic that comes from truly knowing ourselves. These are women who are discovering their own paths, in their own ways – and the growing pains and difficult decisions that come with deciding to choose themselves.

5 x B format paperback

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