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    Generally, we try to get back to every email we receive within one week, however please be aware that we are a team of two, so there may be the occasional delay during very busy periods.

    Frequently asked questions

    I’ve submitted for the current theme. When will I hear back?

    We respond to each and every submission we receive, but it takes time for us to review all those lovely words. You should receive feedback and a full response within a fortnight of the closing deadline for the theme you’re submitting for or, at the very latest, within a few days of the theme launching. 

    Does Dear Damsels pay writers? 

    As DD continues to grow and expand, we are working tirelessly to get to a position where we can pay our writers.

    All writers who are accepted for publication in our print collections receive payment. Though we do not have the funds to pay the writers we publish online as it stands, we believe that the space we provide for women to share their words is a valuable one. Every writer who submits to DD receives a response and feedback on their work, and all of the work that goes into running DD is currently done on a voluntary basis. 

    When will I receive my book?

    For customers within the UK, please allow 7 days from the day of your order before getting in touch.

    Do you ship to my home country?

    Due to ongoing delays caused as a result of both new customs processes and ongoing Covid-19 measures, we are currently not shipping to countries in the EU. We are working on a solution to this issue.

    You can try ordering through Pics & Ink, who stock some of our publications and do EU and international delivery.

    If you would like to be informed of when EU shipping opens again, please email contact@deardamsels.com with your preferred order details.

    I’m a bookshop looking to stock one of your books. Do you have a distributor?

    Currently, we don’t have a trade distributor for our books and sell directly through out website shop. If you would like to request copies for your bookshop, please email contact@deardamsels.com with the title and amount and we will quote you a trade price.

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