Dear Damsels is a publishing platform and community for women writers.

We publish empowering collections of fiction, non-fiction and poetry, while our online community supports and encourages women with an interest in writing through free and inclusive submission opportunities.

We believe every woman has a story worth being told, and that the most meaningful way for those stories to be shared is through writing. We know that women writers have specific disadvantages compared to men in accessing publishing and literary audiences, as well as receiving adequate recognition for their work.

We also know that the graft of writing is hard. It can feel lonely, a struggle with your self-worth, and leave you wondering if you’re good enough and if there’s value in what you have to say.

We don’t think you need to be published for your words to matter – but we do know that one woman sharing her words might just inspire another to do the same. 

Our aim is to help women find the confidence to develop their writing and share their words. Since launching in 2016, Dear Damsels, has published over 500 women in print and online.

We are proud that numerous writers published by DD have found our platform a valuable stepping stone in their journey to publication, and that our books have been loved by numerous readers and received recognition including being featured in the Guardian’s Best Books of 2021 and awarded financial support from Arts Council England.

Meet Team DD

Abby and Bridie Team DD
Bridie (left) and Abby (right)

Bridie Wilkinson, Director, she/her

Bridie is a freelance content strategist and creator, as well as a sporadic writer. 

 She can be found on Twitter @bridifer and for work at Latterly.

Abby Parsons, Director, she/her

Abby has been editing unputdownable books since 2014 and works with new writers at Curtis Brown Creative. She loves helping people tell their stories and occasionally writes some of her own.

Find her on Twitter @abby_aap.

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