About Dear Damsels

Dear Damsels is an online platform and yearly print publication sharing the words and stories of women.


5.May-ThrillsSince setting up online in January 2016, we’ve published over 200 female writers, opened up the conversation on over 35 themes (and counting), hosted three events, and published three print annuals (the latest DD Annual 2019 is now available). Our aim was to create a space where women could come together online, use their voice, and get a resounding response back – that’s why we describe DD as your words, your stories, and your collective.


BigCartel_DD.pngEvery two months we write a letter introducing a new theme, and invite you to share your thoughts with us – whether that takes the form of fiction, non-fiction or poetry, or something in between. We then publish a month’s worth of conversation on that topic. The very first of our monthly themes, CREATION, covered everything from shaky starts to crafting, and we’ve since published writing on themes from POWER to PRIDE, LESSONS to LANGUAGE, COURAGE to COMFORT, and many more, sharing a diverse range of words and stories, all from the female perspective.


9. Sept - CoruageWe’re excited to share the words of even more women throughout 2020, and to keep growing this collective both online and in print. To stay in the loop with all that we do at DD HQ sign up to our mailing list (we’ll send you roundups of what we’ve been sharing and reading every other Sunday, plus a monthly letter). Or you can find us on TwitterFacebook and Instagram.


DD is a voluntary platform ran by a team of two. We are always on the look out for potential collaborators, photographers and, of course, writers. Send us an email at contact@deardamsels.com.


Meet the team

Bridie, co-founder (left)

Bridie is a rambling writer and sometimes poet, and works as a content producer for a charity. She shares her name with the Gaelic patron saint of fire and poetry and, conversely, a type of meat pie. She can be found earnestly tweeting @bridifer and less earnestly ‘gramming @bridifer.

Abby, co-founder (right)

Abby is an editor working in book publishing. She lives in London but grew up in the countryside, and is slowly coming to terms with the absence of horses in the city. She can be found irregularly tweeting @abby_aap and on Instagram @abbyaap.

All above photography by Libby Earland / @libbyty

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Our design and logo was created by Sam Canvin. He can be contacted through his website www.samcanvin.com.