About Us

Dear Damsels is an online platform championing young female voices – a place where women can come together online, to read and write about the things that matter to them.

Dear Damsels was set up in January 2016 with the very first of our monthly themes, CREATION – in which we discussed everything from shaky starts to arts and crafts. Our aim was to be inclusive, relevant and ambitious. Since that first month online, we’ve gone on to open submissions on 16 themes and counting, and we’ve published over 60 writers. We continue to accept writing of all kinds – from short stories, to poetry, to personal essays and opinion pieces – and are proud to publish seasoned professionals alongside writers who have yet to share their writing with anyone else.

img_8705-1At the end of 2016, we decided to celebrate making it through our first year by creating the DD Annual 2016/17, which collected together 36 pieces of outstanding female writing, with each piece accompanied by beautiful new photography. We sold out of a modest first print run within a week (but are pleased to say we’ve since reprinted – get your copy here).

We’ve got big plans for 2017 (including hosting our first event, and the return of the DD Annual) but our number one aim is to continue to celebrate female writing and female experience in all its forms. With no short supply of submissions from brilliant women, that shouldn’t be too hard.

img_9084These are your words, your stories, and this is your collective. To stay in
the loop, sign up to our mailing list (we send roundups of the week every Sunday, and a monthly letter). Or you can find us on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.

DD is a voluntary platform ran by a team of two. We are always on the look out for potential collaborators, photographers and (of course) writers. Send us an email at contact@deardamsels.com.

About Team DD


Abby, Co-Founder (right)

Reader of all things, working in publishing. Slowly coming to terms with the absence of horses in the city. Can be found irregularly tweeting @abby_aap


Bridie, Co-Founder (left)

Likes gin, glitter and storytelling. Has written a book about a publishing pun pirate. Can be found twittering @bridifer.

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Our design and logo was created by Sam Canvin. He can be contacted through his website www.samcanvin.com. Sam is also an occasional photographer for DD.

Photos: Libby Earland