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Let Me Know When You’re Home: Stories of Female Friendship

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What does female friendship mean to you?

Over the years, we’ve read hundreds of pieces of writing that responded to this question. On the surface, these stories might have been tackling a different subject – they could have been about love, youth or heartbreak. Perhaps they were about new beginnings or something coming to an end. But if you took a closer look, these stories were quietly celebrating something else: female friendship.

Eventually, we started thinking about how we could give this messy, multifaceted topic all the space it needed and deserved – a way that would allow the relationships between women to take centre stage.

In July 2019 we held a six-week open submissions period for original creative writing by women on the subject of female friendship. We were overwhelmed by the response. After reading over 100 submissions we chose fifteen pieces that formed our first paperback collection, Let Me Know When You’re Home, publishing in February 2020.

Let Me Know When You’re Home, publishing February 2020

In Let Me Know When You’re Home, fifteen women writers explore what female friendship means to them through fiction, non-fiction and poetry, digging deep into the complexities and nuances of these relationships.

Let Me Know When You’re Home includes work from:

Alexandra Burton, Rebecca Cooney, Rosie Dastgir, Alice Godliman, Jade Greene, Kimberly Kay, Jonatha Kottler, Huma Qureshi, Francesca Raine, Sallyanne Rock, Sara Sherwood, Hannah Simpson, E.V.Somerville, Chloe Tomlinson and Hannah Wright.

The cover is designed Anna Woodbine at The Woodbine Workshop. The internals are designed by Marcus Chamberlain.

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