by Jo Fisher

Nobody’s staring as much as you think,
and nobody cares about you.
Life’s too short not to wear it or do it;
too short not to try something new.

Stop spending your hours thinking of them,
so certain they’re watching, agog;
they’re too busy writing and chanting their own
internally harsh monologue.

We’re all the lead cast in our own little story;
the hero, the centre, the core;
but don’t expect them to forfeit their very own plotline
and read from the pages of yours.

One of the secrets of growing up, love,
that we so rarely remember to mention:
move the spotlight from them back onto yourself;
be the focus of your own sweet attention.

Jo Fisher | @joannefisher  | @jo_fisher_ | 
Jo is a poet, writer, storyteller, performer, reviewer, and chronic people pleaser based in Southampton, UK. 

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