by Miriam Gauntlett

I have always loved
those fast-forwarded videos
in nature documentaries:
the rapid blooming of sunset
after sunrise after sunset, a
field of green wheat swiftly
ripening to a burnished gold.

It’s been hard to learn that
growth isn’t instantaneous –
you can’t skip the drag of those
messy intermediate stages,
can’t run through them in
double-time and arrive breathless
at the finish line.

Slowly, I am learning how
to wait, watch carefully
for the subtle changes in
the seasons, notice the way
summer comes on slowly, easily;
be a patient, gentle witness
to my own life.

Miriam Gauntlett | @miriaaaaamg 
Miriam Gauntlett is a recent graduate of Cambridge University, and originally from London. Previously, she has written for Porridge Magazine. She can usually be found reading, thinking about found families and dreaming of her next outdoor adventure.

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