The December Letter

Dear Damsels,

The familiar hand that slips into yours, the phone call across oceans, the group hug at the end of the night.

This December, our theme is TOGETHER.

From the physical presence, the warmth you can feel in a word and a touch, to the imaginary lines that bind us, pulling us in closer.

It’s in the spaces between us, it’s the people take with you. When you’re apart, but not alone.

It’s coming back, gathering here again, just as we always have.

Tell us about who holds you together, Damsels. Send your words to us by Tuesday 20th November at contact@deardamsels.com. You can find our writing guidelines here.

DD x

p.s. You might have noticed the deadline is a bit early this month. That’s because this will be the last round of submissions to be considered for the DD Annual 2018/19 – so if you’d like the chance to see your words in print, get writing! 

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