by Helen Li

She grew up rough and tumble
Inside forests, over fields
She felt the heartbeat of the earth
And the embrace of a fiery sky
She danced with fireflies at night
And on dew-drenched mornings
She ran with the snow speckled deer
Laughing and whispering wild things
Slept in foxholes and sang to the bees
Dabbed peonies on her lips and
Brushed roses on her lids, she
Trailed dirt on her heels and caught
Seeds floating in the hem of her dress
Sowing them again and again as she
Flung herself from tree boughs only
To be caught by the secretive wind,
Borne aloft and anew in branches of bay
Somewhere in between human and fae


Helen Li personal instagramphotography instagram  | @_helentli_

Helen Li lives among the trees in a small town near Charlotte, NC. A forever romantic and dreamer, she wears white dresses and sleeps with the windows cracked open and cries at sappy romantic comedies. In a perfect world, she would roam the world with her camera and a briefcase of paints, paper, and books.

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