Dear Damsels,

The theme for February is SECRETS. 

Tightly held, softly whispered, the promise-not-to-tells that tie one person to another.

We’re entrusted with it. We swear to keep it. We hide it, folded into the corners of our memory, waiting for the right moment to pull it out, to share it, to pass it on. Did you know? Now you do. And so do I.

Sometimes it fights to be told. The elephant in the room that grows and grows until one day your voice cracks and spills out what you’ve all been thinking. It’s scary. It’s electric. It’s hopeful.

Behind closed doors, in warm hugs, in quick glances – it’s everywhere, the unspoken.

Cross your heart and tell us what SECRETS mean to you, Damsels. All submissions should be sent to by Monday 29th January, and our guidelines can be found here. We can’t wait to hear from you.

DD x

Submissions for this theme are now closed, but you can take a look at the March letter here.

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