What She’s Having: Stories of Women and Food


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Featured in the Guardian’s Best Food Books of 2021

‘As nourishing to dip into as a bowl of soup, I tremendously enjoyed the collection of essays, fiction and poetry that make up What She’s Having’ RUKMINI IYER, bestselling author of The Roasting Tin books

Food is about so much more than just the first bite . . .

What we eat can fill us up, satisfy our needs or leave us hungry for more. It connects us to our culture, defines our routines and flavours our fondest memories.

Whole stories are made across a dinner table, and in What She’s Having, sixteen writers explore the complex and meaningful relationships that women have with the food we cook, eat and share.

From an essay about elaborate meals for one, an ode to eating with your hands, a story about the love to be found in a plateful of pasta, to a tale exploring the darker side of what we crave, this is a collection that delves into food in all its forms – and celebrates each and every mouthful.

Bringing together fiction, non-fiction and poetry, this collection of women’s stories about food is something to savour. 

Illustrations by Molly Alessandra Cooper (@mollyalessandra_)
Cover photography by Libby Earland (@libbyearland)


Ansa Khan, E.V. Somerville, Hannah Lawrence, Paula Hilton, Syeda Salmah, Maria Ilona Moore, Amy Feldman, Kate Young, Candy Ikwuwunna, Grace Safford, Ettie Bailey-King, Tutku Barbaros, Alice Slater, Terri-Jane Dow, Lucy Porter, Sorcha Collister

Publisher: Dear Damsels
RRP: £9.99
ISBN: 978-1-8381661-0-6
Format: B format paperback
Pub date: February 2021
Extent: 192 pages
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