How was your day?

Sara Sherwood tells the story of a relationship reaching its end between the lines of a text conversation.

by Sara Sherwood



Tuesday, 09:34

Forgot to say as we were leaving, you’ve left your jumper on the sofa

Tuesday, 09:45

Yeah, I know. I’ll just pick it up when I’m round next, I don’t need it today

Tuesday, 09:49

And there’s loads of your hair things in my room

Tuesday, 10:01

Hair things?

Tuesday, 10:07

You know, your hair things

Tuesday, 10:17

The things you tie your hair up with

Tuesday, 11:04

I’ll just pick them up when i’m round next

Tuesday, 18:38

Hetty stole ANOTHER of my ideas in our big meeting today, I nearly leapt across the table and strangled her

Tuesday, 18:39

Are you going to football tomorrow? Shall I meet you afterwards and we can cook dinner and finish Breaking bad? I think we only have 3 episodes left can do that in one night right?

Tuesday, 19:01

Which idea? The one about building the fake chat room? I thought that was good

Tuesday, 19:02

No that was yesterday’s meeting

Tuesday, 19:02

How was your day? Did someone steal one of your amazing ideas?

Tuesday, 19:02

Are you going to football tomorrow?

Tuesday, 19:05

Yeah I think I’m going to the pub afterward. Can I let you know tomorrow?

Tuesday, 19:05

Yeah, sure.

Tuesday, 19:06

My day was boring

Tuesday, 19:07

NOTHING as violent as your near strangling of Hetty

Tuesday, 19:08

Grace made a cake

Tuesday, 19:20


It wasn’t as good as the one she made for my birthday

Tuesday, 19:10

Did you see that email I sent you earlier?

Tuesday, 19:20

Which one?

Tuesday, 19:22

The one about the play at the Royal Court?

Tuesday, 19:23

Yeah. Do you want to see it? I’ll book tickets.

Tuesday, 19:30

It’s aaaages away! Can we book them nearer the time?


Tuesday, 19:32

Yeah, fine.

Wednesday, 09:56

Are you going to the pub this evening? If not, can we watch Breaking bad?

Wednesday, 10:07

I’m going to the pub but I’ll message you when I’m done


Wednesday, 19:16

Are you nearly done?

Wednesday, 20:18

Jamie, what’s happening??

Wednesday, 23:48

I’m so sorry, phone died in th epub

Wednesday, 23:49

adn i had toooo much beer. Speak to you tomnorrw

Wednesday, 23:51

sorry katy xxx

Thursday, 08:53

Hungover? Serves you right.

Thursday, 09:02

Everyone is. Grace kept buying us drinks after football

Thursday, 09:04

What did you do?


Thursday, 10:03

Watched two episodes of Breaking Bad

Thursday, 10:04

WHAT?! We’re watching it TOGETHER, you can’t just skip ahead!!


Thursday, 10:06


Thursday, 10:07

OK, I’m going to catch up this evening and then we can watch the last episode on Sunday night

Thursday, 10:08

Promise me you won’t watch any further. PROMISE KATY!

Thursday, 10:15

Promise x

Thursday, 10:16

What are you doing this evening?

Thursday, 10:18


Thursday, 10:21

Shall I come round? I want to rewatch those two episodes.

Thursday, 15:40

If you want, I won’t be very sociable though

Thursday, 16:08

I’ll be home about 7 so come round then if you want


Thursday, 16:45

Cool, see you then

Thursday, 18:57

I’m outside x

Friday, 07:20


Friday, 07:21


Friday, 08:23

Missed the fucking train!

Friday, 08:25

And left your jumper AGAIN

Friday, 08:28

Why does it matter so much?! I can’t be bothered to take it to work and I’m already carrying loads of other stuff

Friday, 08:29

But if it bothers you soooo much then I’ll just wear it home next time I’m round

Friday, 08:31

Or just bring it next time you come round

Friday, 08:35

You leave so much stuff in my room

Friday, 08:37

You leave stuff in my room! It doesn’t matter

Friday, 18:29

Jamie, do you think we should talk about what we’re doing? Like just to see if we’re on the same page with everything? We should probably just talk about it

Friday, 19:20

Yeah, let’s talk on Saturday

Friday, 19:22

OK, good. Are you coming to mine on Saturday? What are you doing this evening?

Friday, 19:41

It’s my sister’s birthday, we’re waiting for a table in Polpo

Friday, 19:50

Sure, I’ll come round at 7ish. We can watch the final episode of Breaking bad

Friday, 19:51


Friday, 22:45

Are you still in Soho?

Friday, 23:01

No, back in Clapham. At the pub with Dave and that lot

Friday, 23:04

Do you want me to come? I’m in Peckham with Bex

Friday, 23:05

She made me drink some horrible pale ale and I feel very sick

Friday, 23:10

You’re a terrible beer drinker

Friday, 23:11

Do you want me to meet you?

Friday, 23:14

Not really

Friday, 23:15

Erm, right?

Friday, 23:18

I just don’t need you to come I’m with Dave and that lot

Friday, 23:19

And I saw you this morning

Friday, 23:20

Katy, my phone is about to die. I’ll see you tomorrow x

Saturday, 10:39

Hey, did you have fun last night? What do you fancy having for dinner tonight?

Saturday, 12:09

I saw Nina for breakfast this morning and her and Tom are going to New Zealand for three weeks for a wedding, it sounds AMAZING.

Saturday, 16:30

We ended up going out in Clapham

Saturday, 16:45

Then played xbox until like 5

Saturday, 16:47

I’m so hungover

Saturday, 17:02

Do you still want to do something tonight?

Saturday, 17:09

Yeah, I’ll come round about 7

Saturday, 18:00

I’m on the bus now, shall I stop at Franco Manca and get pizza? Do you want the normal ones?

Saturday, 18:08

Yeah, sure. I’ve got a bottle of red wine too.

Saturday, 18:49

Well done

Saturday, 19:08


Saturday, 19:08

I’m outside

Sunday, 02:13

Katy, I’m really sorry, please don’t hate me.

Sunday, 02:02

I don’t know what else to say. Please just email me or anything, I feel so horrible.


Tuesday, 20:06

Jamie, have you been using my Netflix?!

Tuesday, 20:10

Do NOT do that.

Wednesday, 11:04

Sorry, I thought I was watching mine

Friday, 21:56

Your jumper is still on the sofa fyi. Do you want me to post it back to you?

Sara Sherwood | @sarasherwood
Sara Sherwood spends the majority of her time thinking about pop stars, the Kardashians and former British Prime Ministers. She lives in London.

1 comment on “How was your day?

  1. Wow, what a powerful piece! Really felt for you (and your poor jumper!) Made me wonder how I’d feel if I looked back through some of my old (long since deleted) text messages to people I no longer speak to. Love this so much, have already read it three times. Thanks so much for sharing! x


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