Meet Nadia, whose short story collection we’ll be publishing at the end of the year as DD’s first one-author publication. 

In February this year, we held an open call for submissions. This opportunity was different to DD’s previous open submissions periods, however. After publishing two paperback anthologies of fiction, non-fiction and poetry by a collective of women writers, we were looking to publish DD’s first collection of work by one author. 

We asked for any women and non-binary writers sitting on a collection of short stories or a notebook full of poetry or prose to send us their words, and in response we received over 120 submissions. We were so incredibly impressed by everything that we read, and by the talent, vision and passion poured into each and every submission, and we continue to feel honoured that so many of you considered us as a potential home for your work. 

After a rigorous longlisting and shortlisting process, we are over the moon to announce that the writer we will be working with on Dear Damsels’ third book is Nadia Henderson, whose collection of short stories examines the lines between nature and the human world – and how they blur. Set in landscapes both brutal and beautiful, Nadia’s stories are immersive and vivid, often with a thrill of fear running through them, and we immediately knew that we wanted to share them with readers. 

Some of you will already be familiar with Nadia, whose writing we’ve been sharing online since 2017, with her short story ‘A Hot Shower Shared Between Two’ selected to feature in 2019’s DD Annual

Originally from London, Nadia moved to rural North Sweden in the Spring of 2020 to pursue her dream of writing full-time. An alumna of For Books’ Sake’s Write Like A Grrrl and Comma Press Short Story courses, Nadia’s work explores themes such as nature, motherhood, love and loss, sometimes weaving in elements of folklore and magical realism. When not writing, Nadia can be found baking cookies, crocheting on the sofa, or drinking excellent Swedish coffee in the woods.

Nadia says of her collection: 

‘After moving from London to the Swedish countryside, I found immersing myself in nature was a way to connect with my new home. 

From learning, for the first time, the names of the many birds I could see from the kitchen window, to discovering the history and folklore of the region, connecting to place has really helped give me a sense of belonging, particularly during such a strange and difficult time. 

Gradually, my new surroundings seeped into my writing, beckoning a welcome creative shift. With the stories in this collection, I hope to examine the ways we disconnect from nature and struggle to find our place in it, all the while honouring its beauty and power.’

We truly can’t wait to share more of Nadia’s writing with you – we know this book is going to be a collection to be cherished and returned to, and that readers will be able to find themselves and their own connection to nature within its pages.

The book will be out towards the end of the year and we’ll have more news to share over the coming months – including the title and cover, and important things like how to pre-order (exciting!!). To be the first to hear about all of these things, make sure you’re signed up to our mailing list.

More soon!

Team DD x 

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