Maeve tells me it never rains in the Sims

where we are a successful lesbian power couple 
with a white picket fence. Back in this universe 
                                                                             it is sunny, but we are on the sofa 
                                                                                                              in our pyjamas. 

Sims Maeve is a professional chef 
and I’ve written 7 hit novels. 
She has overfed me but here Maeve knows 
                                                                                        the cheat code so has bought 

Sims me a swimming pool to work out. 

                      Maeve has always been someone 
                       who should run the show. 

Back in this universe, we ask is this it? 
of the dirty dishes, spend our Sunday 
cleaning, watch anything 
with Sarah Lancashire in it, talk 
about moving back to the North, 
(It’s the kids).

Sims me has made herself sick with stress.
Sims Maeve makes her a cake.
Sims me has started swimming fully clothed.

by Laurie Ogden

Laurie Ogden | @ogdenlaurie | Instagram

Laurie Ogden is a poet, playwright and performer from Merseyside. She is a former Barbican Young Poet and Jerwood/Arvon playwriting mentee. Commissions include Sky Arts, Barnardos and the Barbican. She is a current Roundhouse Resident Artist.

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