We know that whole stories are made across a table – everyone’s relationship to food is unique, intricate and so much more than just the first bite.

When thinking about the subject of our next paperback collection, food felt like an obvious choice for us. We love reading pieces that explore the role that food plays in our lives. It can be comforting, consistent, painful, nostalgic – and deeply, deeply personal.

Submissions for this collection are open until Friday 3rd July, so if you have some words for us, read our submission letter and guidelines, thumb through your cookery books and get writing.

If you need some extra inspiration we’ve pulled together some of our favourite places to go to for food writing online, for stories that fill us up and have us dreaming of our next mouthful.

  1. Vittles

Vittles is a newsletter set up by Jonathan Nunn in the wake of the coronavirus crisis and the impact it has had upon the food and hospitality industry. With chefs and food writers out of work, Jonathan writes that ‘If we cannot go out to eat at the places we love and experience their hospitality first hand, then the next best thing is to try to recreate it ourselves.’ Political, topical and beautifully edited, we suggest you subscribe and read the weekly dispatches of a food culture being forced to change, and the impact it is having. Some of our favourites by women writers to start with are Ruby Tandoh on the food of care homes, Yvonne Maxwell on her relationship to plantain and Mandy Yin on the joys of economy white rice.

2. Women Who Cook For Me

With a beautiful instagram account to go along with it, photographer Sophie Davidson lends her fortnightly newsletters to different women who write about the meals that they cook for her. Evocative photography and careful, close writing mean each newsletter feels like you are there at the dinner table with the two of them, sharing the interaction and the food.

3. At The Table

At The Table is a platform dedicated to British food culture. They bring together creatives from all industries to celebrate food from a fresh perspective. We particularly like their editorial pieces, which are a curated mix of opinion pieces and fiction taken from their print issues sharing the voices of some brilliant writers. Our favourites include No Moisture by Bethany Rutter, Something’s Flesh: A Carnivores Lament by Eli Goldstone and the remarkable short story Gluten by Rowan Hisayo Buchanan.

4. Full-Up

Subscribing to this tinyletter from Dear Damsels writer Molly Alessandra Cooper is one of the best things you can do for your inbox. They are short dispatches on the enjoyment of food – sprinkled with recipes and thoughtful insights, Molly has a way of writing about food that always resonates and lifts. Particular highlights from the archive include the foods she wishes she could eat again, isolation experimental meals and one on TV and comfort cooking, written by our very own Abby from Team DD.

5. NOURISH and FEAST from the DD archives

We’re lucky enough to have published some wonderful writing about food, inspired by our past themes of NOURISH and FEAST. Diving into the archives you’ll find a whole host of different perspectives on food. A few to get you started: Fixed Point by Emer O’Toole, Fifty-Four Meals by Alex Lemon and Eating My Feelings by Sarah Murphy.

What fills you up, Damsels? We’re peckish for your thoughts on food and we can’t wait to hear from you.

Bri x

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