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Dear Damsels,

Reach out, take your chance, turn a new page. Our first theme of 2020 is OPEN.

The new year feels hopeful, a revival. Shaking off the dust of what came before and taking steps forward, arms wide open, ready for what’s next. 

It’s possibility. It’s acceptance – and the vulnerability that comes with it. We face one another with mistakes made, lessons learnt and bruises still fresh, ready to do it all over again. 

As you step into the new decade, share with us what you’re taking with you; what wide spaces are ahead; what you hope will unfold in the coming months. 

Open up to us, Damsels. We’re ready. Send your words on this theme to us at by Monday 27th January, though please check our writing guidelines first. We can’t wait to hear from you.

DD x


A change to Dear Damsels submissions

We’re going to be changing the way we open submissions this year. Instead of sending you a monthly letter, we’ll be opening a new submission theme every two months – which should give you longer to send us your thoughts on each theme, and also give us more time to revel in your words.

Responses to this theme will be shared in February and March. You can expect to receive our next theme letter for April and May in February.

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