by Emily Tucker

Alarm clock grows warm and tickles my eyes,
Hey get up!
Show us what you’re all about!
I’ve got two legs to stretch, and two arms for the same,
and a nose that’s twitching hungrily
for my first cup of coffee.

There’s a face to kiss goodbye,
a backpack full of last night’s dinner,
a seat on the 7:33 from Highbury,
and twenty-five minutes with a big fat book
about vampires. And bats.

Wet pavement smell, my favourite smell,
a carpet of red leaves to kick.
A song by The Clash blares onto Spotify
Drove up in a brand new Cadillac!
I do a little dance of joy
And my emails flash bright on a screen.

I do work that does good
Small grubby paws to hold
Voices to make for Barbie and Donatello,
And calm words to soothe an angry world.
Plus a nice story,
For the end of the day. Always.

Great stuff comes to me.
Granny always said I’m lucky and it shows:
A sachet of instant latte
A text from my mum
Tesco falafel and hummus wrap
A photo of my dog.
She’s smiling too.

Baby on the train pulls a gummy grin,
Another free seat on the 16:54
Spotify brings a song by The Talking Heads,
Home. is where I want to be
Oh my god.
A man with a puppy opposite
all the way from Gospel Oak.

New episode of Drag Race UK,
A big plate of hot spaghetti with cheese on top.
Shower gel that smells of roses, like me.
Clothes for tomorrow,
Waiting folded on a chair.

Aromatherapy candle,
Memory foam mattress and a podcast
as alarm clock grows dim.
An arm on my tummy,
And a neon glow like a sign
shining out bright from my chest.

Emily Tucker | @happyemily93
Emily is a teacher based in North London working on a children’s book. She read a self help book recently and now weeps with joy over marmite on toast. At least she’s happy.  

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