by Helena Wright

The promise of omniscient being sings off the tip of the serpent’s
long tongue, as pleasing as dripping honey from the hive.
Two humans, unready and heedless. Naked hunger with malcontent.
Transparent lakes show the woman her beauty divine.

Wanton hair descends down her back, the lady of Original Sin.
Paradoxical power at hand despite her not being His favourite.
Forbidden fruits hang alluring above, glowing against the cyanin
lake in which she was vain. The branches beckon to the misfit.

Temptation forged the insulting supper, for as Eve bit down
Into the fragrant apple, pale juices dripped along her fingertips.
‘Come, my other’ she called out, for she needed to share what she found:
The perfect medicine for her heart’s hunger. The sweetness wavered on her lips.

Not long after the bitten core began to yellow, the two gave way to lust
Lucifer slithers proud and accomplished; their feast, his succeeding.
Morning sun burned them to awakening. Once ruby apples, now dark like rust.
Panicked grabs for fig leaves, as the now criminals lay guilty in Eden.

Helena Wright | @teabeewrites 
Helena is an English Language and Creative Writing graduate based in Manchester with a love for all things Jane Austen, folklore fantasy, children’s literature and eco-friendly living. During her studies she has managed her own blog and published pieces about helping the environment, mental health and book reviews; however recently she has decided to start afresh with her writing journey with a focus on sharing her poetry and working on personal novel projects. 

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