Dear Damsels,

It can take many forms, but we want to know what it means to you. The theme for March is PROMISE.

Tacit, unspoken, always there – you can find it between friends, between lovers, or simply in an agreement made with yourself. It’s something to hold yourself to, something to believe in – though it’s not always easy to let go and trust. 

You can find it also in the reassuring knowledge that there is so much more to come, in the glimmer of the weekend, in counting down to a plan made months ago, or simply the potential of a brand new day.

Take us on our word for this one – we want to hear your thoughts on this theme. Send your words to us at by Saturday 23rd February but make sure to check our writing guidelines first.

DD x

This theme is now closed. Keep an eye for our April letter for the next chancce to share your words with us.

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