by Roz Weaver

Please bear with me
for every time
I open my mouth
and my heart runs out
for in a world of standards
and this-is-what-you-should-have’s
it’s giving everything
to love


Roz Weaver | @weaverroz |

Roz is a poet and spoken word performer from the north of England who began writing in 2017 and performing in 2018. She has been published in Catalogue of Failure, Whisper and the Roar, Morality Park as well as the poetry anthologies ‘Further Within Darkness and Light’ (published by Nothing Books) and ‘Essential Existentialism’ (published by CTU Publishing Group). In summer 2018 her pieces were displayed and performed at the London multimedia exhibitions ‘Testimony’, part of the NoVo Foundation Conference, as well as ‘The Sunlight Project’. She has also performed at Manchester-based feminist spoken word night ‘That’s What She Said’ and Grrrlizm Arts Fest.

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