Dear Damsels,

We could do it tomorrow. One day soon – when the time is right. But what about the present? What about this moment?

The theme for June is NOW.

From all the things you’re getting done, to all the things you’re not. From the weight of expectation, the urgency of deciding now now now – to the freedom of dropping everything. It’s busy weekdays, full calendars, but it’s also unexpected moments of what-shall-we-do-today emptiness.

It’s what you thought this day would look like, versus how it really is.

So help us to capture this moment before it slips into ‘then’ – it’s your present day, your version of current events, and we want to hear it from you. Send your words to by Monday 28th May (but make sure you check out these guidelines first).

DD x

Submissions for this theme are now closed. Take a look at July’s letter here.


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