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Much More

The woman at the centre of Zainab Laila's poem has a power that is both beautiful and dangerous.

by Zainab Laila


She went and lit her dream,
with a lighter one of a kind,
no fire, not a flame,
but with madness that could turn you blind.

I wish you’d known her,
The one with eyes full of mischief
Lips always smiling,
Her heart on her sleeve
And feet always dancing.
I wish you’d known her,
Laughed along and kept her,
I wish you’d feel the goosebumps
You got when you met her.

She is now invisible,
At least for the eye you own,
She is one with the dust on your shelf,
Carrying her dreams unknown.

Zainab Laila

Zainab is a young writer and poet from India. Languages excite here and literature is her true love.

1 comment on “Much More

  1. This is so beautiful. I love it’s rhythms and how it adds to the vibrancy of the woman it speaks of. It evokes such love and longing yet positivity in the face of loss. Just lovely.

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