Poetry remembrance

The Lovers Recall

In a trio of poems, writer St. James pieces together memories of a past relationship.

by St. James


The Lovers Recall


I remember –
that her skin
felt like the clouds,
and that it had the sateen finish
of whipped egg whites;
undressing her made me
hungry for that reason.

I remember –
the extra sheen
her skin would affect in those
moments; her body’s
natural cooling mechanism
tinged with my own.

I remember –
that she tasted like
marshmallow fluff flavoured with
orange blossom and
essence of lavender:
nectar of the gods.

I remember her well.


Before we were flotsam
spun speckled suburbanites,
dancing in a darkened window,
drowning distaste with
jellied gins –
we kissed.
For hours.
For no reason.

Limitless hypotheses needed
testing, alchemical research,
physicists exploring

I remember it well.

Kiss caught
capillaries of kiss
canoodling catastrophe, until
our lips, two withered, wilted slugs,
inverted, invented, spotted
dry rot in the beams and


just as I remember
that night the jellied gins
the roofs of our mouths –

I remember him well.


I can still taste you
twenty-two hours on.

When I ascend the stairs
my motion wafts you up, celestially
to my nose, it’s in the creases
of my clothes,

I am encased in our potion –
the perfume of a
reckless tryst –
I sizzle in it, unquestionably,
and when it is gone it shall be missed.

Even when the hours
muddy crisp recollection,
and marry it with
unmatched affection,
I shall keep it with me.
I shall detect it with the
bloodhound quick wit I had for my
security blanket.
I shall let it tickle my insides.
I shall take it to bed with me.
It shall be of some, little,



St. James | @stjamesundays

St. James is a writer, actress and Buffy and Austen aficionado. She has a Sunday column @NEstablishment and can be found at @stjamesundays.

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