by Bryony Rose

Sagittarius is my sign of the Zodiac. Although I am neither expert nor enthusiastic follower of astrology, I find the symbols and character traits of my Sun sign useful in understanding my nature. Half human and half horse, Sagittarius is represented by the symbol of a bow and arrow. Known as The Archer, this sign of the Zodiac is said to have an expansive nature and seeks to acquire information and gain insights on the world. I could not describe myself any better than that.

This seeking nature of mine began when I was very young. I was three years old when I attended playgroup a mere five minutes’ walk from the family home. For a few hours of the morning a small group of children could play, socialise and pass on early childhood bugs to each other. My memories of this time are patchy, but I can recall quite vividly overhearing the playgroup supervisor telling my mum that I spent most of my time there painting. I can look back on this time and see the emergence of my seeking nature. Rather than making friends with my peers, I sought answers and connection in art – or more realistically, in unidentifiable scribbles and paint splashes on a page.

As I grew older my shy nature meant that I struggled to make friends easily and widely; instead I belonged to a small circle of girls whose common interests were reading and making daisy chains in the sun. Often preferring my own company, I sought answers in the things that I could create, such as drawings and paintings – and later, writing. Through these creative pursuits I tried to make sense of those around me. I can’t say that I made any significant discoveries in human nature but what I did find was a resource within myself – my imagination. My imagination took me to all the places I was too shy to experience in reality. More significantly, I found I had the capacity for independence; to make my own fun within my own made-up worlds. The desire to seek and discover has been a theme running through my life like a ribbon of sunlight on water.

“The desire to seek and discover has been a theme running through my life like a ribbon of sunlight on water.”

Unsurprisingly I loved school. With my bow and arrow pointing towards the sky I relished the opportunity to learn new things and to develop knowledge every day. I believe that learning is never over and done with. Having just completed an introductory course in computer coding, I’m now setting my sights on a creative writing course in the autumn. In learning I have found ways to grow and to develop not only intellectually but emotionally, and spiritually. I have a desire to understand the world around me and my place within it and seem unable to go through life merely taking what I can and not giving something back.

My love of reading is another way in which I seek answers and gain personal growth. I’ve discovered different worlds, untold love stories and empathy with other human beings between the pages of a book. I have lived the life of a seventeenth-century English woman, fought wars with magic wands and courage, and discovered a world at the back of a wardrobe. I am changed by every book I read, fiction or non-fiction, literary or contemporary. The large collection of books that threatens to overtake the house is evidence of my curiosity and voracious need to be someone else, to experience other lives and, above all, to learn in doing so. For me, to seek means to discover and to discover means to grow. With each book I deepen my understanding of the world and more often than not I’m left with more questions than answers.

With an open mind and a philosophical view I am motivated to wander around the world in search of the meaning of life. My thoughts are transformed into action and goals in order to satisfy this need to feel constantly in touch with the world. Friends have suggested that this need to learn more means I’m never happy with what I have achieved or learned – that I am always striving and never standing still to appreciate the roses. While I’ll admit there is some truth in this, I believe that moving forwards is preferable to standing still.

Ultimately, I find meaning in the discoveries I’ve made. I feel connected to the world around me when I visit a new place. I deepen my understanding of myself with every journal page I write. I marvel at the creation of beauty when I sketch my surroundings. For these reasons I hope that my bow and arrow will be my companions for many years to come.

Bryony Rose | @SunSparks4

Bryony Rose is a 32-year-old dreamer with a vintage soul. Offer her the opportunity for deep conversation – preferably about books, travel, My Little Pony and life – and she’ll be your friend for ever more.

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