by Catriona Morton

I itch for the ignition of this summer
Fizzed drinks in the greens of my city
Golden afternoons bathed in the lazy dusk
Blazing suns and blazing nights
Bleeding into each other

I yearn for the years of my departed youth
As I yearn for the moments tomorrow will bring
Nostalgia for have-beens and will-bes
A hurricane of memories and fantasies
Reverberating around my childhood room

I pine for the places my feet will fall upon
From floors of my new lovers
To stairways of old friends
To the cobbled streets of Rome
And the deserts of East and West

I long for the love of my daughters and my sons
Of their faces as I bathe their hands and toes
Wipe the mud that will come loose from the solid ground
From their cheeks and eyelashes that solidify in my mind
Decades before they are poured from myself

I wish for the intermittent wanting I feel in my blood
For all these things and infinitely more
That will evaporate and realise in celestial inspirations
That will grow and ground in the root of my heart
In the music of my mind and the sighing of my soul

I desire that day my work becomes my life
Words sculpting my morning routine
Calligraphy encasing my dreams in the dark
To have my heart written in black ink
Upon the page of my life
And to have them all read it
On a simple Sunday morning ten years from now



Catriona Morton |

Catriona Morton is a 20-year-old poet living in South London, currently studying Philosophy at King’s College London. She spends her spare time away from essays as a poet, film-photographer and procrastinator.

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