by Nas

She’s strong and she’s bold and she’s confident in her own skin,
Not afraid to assert herself, self-assurance from within.
She never hides, is always visible and effortlessly glides through life,
Warmth radiating from her body, no evidence of strife.
She feels she counts and her actions matter, she knows her own mind,
Supportive woman, helping others, she will never be confined.

A dark cloud descends upon her, her glow begins to fade,
Self-doubt permeates her every pore, her body fills with hate.
She’s become timid and shy and too afraid to speak out loud,
Feeling the passion burn inside but unable to face the crowd.
Disconnected from the world, she feels isolated and alone,
Awkward and shameful,  a very long way from home.

She’s strong and she’s timid, she’s assertive and afraid,
She walks with ease and awkwardness, she walks with love and hate.


Nas is 30 years old and work for a mental healthy charity. She spends her spare time running, swimming, cycling and writing.

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