by Catriona Morton

I am a singing child on a hilltop of hate
Pouring acid rain upon my crown
A soft, warm cloud above myself
I watch myself as I drown

I am sweet and adoring
Betraying you with my toothy grin
A chocolate bar laced with poison
The golden child spoiled by sin

I am troubled and different
Expressing my love and my pain
At too early a date
They declared me damaged, insane

I am kind and aware
I house an electrified heart
That tires of noticing and aching
That tears itself apart

I am intelligent and bold
Words and philosophies pouring out of my lips
Convincing them all I am worthy of their space
Allowing myself confidence in limited sips

But more than this
I am lonely and afraid
Stuck on that window ledge
Trapped inside the confines of my self-made cage

But you see
The few of you I’ve plucked from the clouds

Who catch my acid rain
Suck out my poisonous veins
Restart my tired heart
Offer refuge for my ashamed art
You release me from my cage
My friends,
You make me feel okay

Catriona Morton |

Catriona Morton is a 20-year-old poet living in South London, currently studying Philosophy at King’s College London. She spends her spare time away from essays as a poet, film-photographer and procrastinator.


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