by Sara Sherwood


Tuesday, 09:34

Forgot to say as we were leaving, you’ve left your jumper on the sofa

Tuesday, 09:45

Yeah, I know. I’ll just pick it up when I’m round next, I don’t need it today

Tuesday, 09:49

And there’s loads of your hair things in my room

Tuesday, 10:01

Hair things?

Tuesday, 10:07

You know, your hair things

Tuesday, 10:17

The things you tie your hair up with

Tuesday, 11:04

I’ll just pick them up when i’m round next

Tuesday, 18:38

Hetty stole ANOTHER of my ideas in our big meeting today, I nearly leapt across the table and strangled her

Tuesday, 18:39

Are you going to football tomorrow? Shall I meet you afterwards and we can cook dinner and finish Breaking bad? I think we only have 3 episodes left can do that in one night right?

Tuesday, 19:01

Which idea? The one about building the fake chat room? I thought that was good

Tuesday, 19:02

No that was yesterday’s meeting

Tuesday, 19:02

How was your day? Did someone steal one of your amazing ideas?

Tuesday, 19:02

Are you going to football tomorrow?

Tuesday, 19:05

Yeah I think I’m going to the pub afterward. Can I let you know tomorrow?

Tuesday, 19:05

Yeah, sure.

Tuesday, 19:06

My day was boring

Tuesday, 19:07

NOTHING as violent as your near strangling of Hetty

Tuesday, 19:08

Grace made a cake

Tuesday, 19:20


It wasn’t as good as the one she made for my birthday

Tuesday, 19:10

Did you see that email I sent you earlier?

Tuesday, 19:20

Which one?

Tuesday, 19:22

The one about the play at the Royal Court?

Tuesday, 19:23

Yeah. Do you want to see it? I’ll book tickets.

Tuesday, 19:30

It’s aaaages away! Can we book them nearer the time?

Tuesday, 19:32

Yeah, fine.

Wednesday, 09:56

Are you going to the pub this evening? If not, can we watch Breaking bad?

Wednesday, 10:07

I’m going to the pub but I’ll message you when I’m done

Wednesday, 19:16

Are you nearly done?

Wednesday, 20:18

Jamie, what’s happening??

Wednesday, 23:48

I’m so sorry, phone died in th epub

Wednesday, 23:49

adn i had toooo much beer. Speak to you tomnorrw

Wednesday, 23:51

sorry katy xxx

Thursday, 08:53

Hungover? Serves you right.

Thursday, 09:02

Everyone is. Grace kept buying us drinks after football

Thursday, 09:04

What did you do?

Thursday, 10:03

Watched two episodes of Breaking Bad

Thursday, 10:04

WHAT?! We’re watching it TOGETHER, you can’t just skip ahead!!

Thursday, 10:06


Thursday, 10:07

OK, I’m going to catch up this evening and then we can watch the last episode on Sunday night

Thursday, 10:08

Promise me you won’t watch any further. PROMISE KATY!

Thursday, 10:15

Promise x

Thursday, 10:16

What are you doing this evening?

Thursday, 10:18


Thursday, 10:21

Shall I come round? I want to rewatch those two episodes.

Thursday, 15:40

If you want, I won’t be very sociable though

Thursday, 16:08

I’ll be home about 7 so come round then if you want

Thursday, 16:45

Cool, see you then

Thursday, 18:57

I’m outside x

Friday, 07:20


Friday, 07:21


Friday, 08:23

Missed the fucking train!

Friday, 08:25

And left your jumper AGAIN

Friday, 08:28

Why does it matter so much?! I can’t be bothered to take it to work and I’m already carrying loads of other stuff

Friday, 08:29

But if it bothers you soooo much then I’ll just wear it home next time I’m round

Friday, 08:31

Or just bring it next time you come round

Friday, 08:35

You leave so much stuff in my room

Friday, 08:37

You leave stuff in my room! It doesn’t matter

Friday, 18.29

Jamie, do you think we should talk about what we’re doing? Like just to see if we’re on the same page with everything? We should probably just talk about it

Friday, 19:20

Yeah, let’s talk on Saturday

Friday, 19:22

OK, good. Are you coming to mine on Saturday? What are you doing this evening?

Friday, 19:41

It’s my sister’s birthday, we’re waiting for a table in Polpo

Friday, 19:50

Sure, I’ll come round at 7ish. We can watch the final episode of Breaking bad

Friday, 19:51


Friday, 22:45

Are you still in Soho?

Friday, 23:01

No, back in Clapham. At the pub with Dave and that lot

Friday, 23:04

Do you want me to come? I’m in Peckham with Bex

Friday, 23:05

She made me drink some horrible pale ale and I feel very sick

Friday, 23:10

You’re a terrible beer drinker

Friday, 23:11

Do you want me to meet you?

Friday, 23:14

Not really

Friday, 23:15

Erm, right?

Friday, 23:18

I just don’t need you to come I’m with Dave and that lot

Friday, 23:19

And I saw you this morning

Friday, 23:20

Katy, my phone is about to die. I’ll see you tomorrow x

Saturday, 10:39

Hey, did you have fun last night? What do you fancy having for dinner tonight?

Saturday, 12:09

I saw Nina for breakfast this morning and her and Tom are going to New Zealand for three weeks for a wedding, it sounds AMAZING.

Saturday, 16:30

We ended up going out in Clapham

Saturday, 16:45

Then played xbox until like 5

Saturday, 16:47

I’m so hungover

Saturday, 17:02

Do you still want to do something tonight?

Saturday, 17:09

Yeah, I’ll come round about 7

Saturday, 18:00

I’m on the bus now, shall I stop at Franco Manca and get pizza? Do you want the normal ones?

Saturday, 18:08

Yeah, sure. I’ve got a bottle of red wine too.

Saturday, 18:49

Well done

Saturday, 19:08


Saturday, 19:08

I’m outside

Sunday, 02:13

Katy, I’m really sorry, please don’t hate me.

Sunday, 02:02

I don’t know what else to say. Please just email me or anything, I feel so horrible.

Tuesday, 20:06

Jamie, have you been using my Netflix?!

Tuesday, 20:10

Do NOT do that.

Wednesday, 11:04

Sorry, I thought I was watching mine

Friday, 21:56

Your jumper is still on the sofa fyi. Do you want me to post it back to you?


Sara Sherwood | @sarasherwood
Sara Sherwood spends the majority of her time thinking about pop stars, the Kardashians and former British Prime Ministers. She lives in London.

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