by Ella Leith

I can’t tell you why, but this I know:

Wine tastes best poured from a carafe

and crisps taste better served in a bowl

and olives taste best – you may well laugh –

on toothpicks. So do sausage rolls

and gherkins lined up in a row.

And what I think is the height of class:

Drinking orange squash from a martini glass.

And something else, as well, is true:

Champagne tastes best not in crystal-cut

coupes and flutes, but when needed most –

un-chilled, and spilled into plastic cups

for the frenzied fun of urgent toasts.

For these big joys, nothing else will do.

But little joys should be savoured slow

– I can’t tell you why, but this I know. 

Ella Leith

Ella Leith is a folklorist, oral historian, and writer who lives in Malta. Her creative work draws on the magical or uncanny details hidden in plain sight around us. Between 2020 and 2022, her regular column Foraging Through Folklore was published in Herbology News magazine, and two of her poems were shortlisted and highly commended in The Pen Nib International Writing Competition 2021.

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