by Bridie Wilkinson

i drank three glasses of wine on
and tried to convince myself that i was

i wore a plush velvet robe from my mother
and scrunched it close, like a lover
and i played music; the kind where the
bass pulls you in from your toes and
scraped my heels in mercy as it dragged
me up to dance
alone in my kitchen

but as i wrapped my arms around the
curve of my stomach
and caught sight of myself hovering in the
reflection of nighttime

A whole city enveloped by my body


I couldn’t help but wish I was elsewhere

delicately fading in between a shadow

instead of demanding myself to feel
Or else, feel nothing at all.



Bridie Wilkinson | @bridifer

Co-founder of Dear Damsels. Not at all judging three glasses of wine on a Wednesday.

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