The November Letter

Dear Damsels,

This November, let’s be a little hopeful – your theme for the month is WISH. 

Carrying it close to your chest. That piece of optimism that lights up each decision. That maybe, this time, you’ll be lucky.

It’s ambition. The thing that drives you. The yearning that gnaws at you at night, the desire that clouds your judgement, slightly, sometimes, when you should be thinking of now but instead are already twenty steps ahead.

It’s what you want from someone. It’s what you want from something. It’s what you want from yourself.

Dream a little dream with us.


DD x

Submissions for this theme are no longer being accepted – you can view the contributions below.

Between Land Masses

Kate Holford experiments with form in a poem that asks for something more – an intangible, indefinable something.

Life Lessons from Hula Hooping Toddlers

Emily Ford reminds us that, sometimes, it’s okay to be childish.

DD Interview: Working in Art

Dear Damsels talks to Exhibition Coordinator at Two Temple Place, Rebecca Hone, about art and ambition.

Wish I Was 19 Again

An honest, heartbreaking story looking back on a changed friendship.


Time is moving backwards in a world made up of empty spaces, in Benedicta J. Foo’s fiction.

lucky stars

A poem for those still mourning the US Election. Bridie Wilkinson counts her stars.


DD went to YOUNG GOLD TALKS and took away business tips, an improved wish list, life advice and style notes.

Love Don’t Wait in Line

Sink into Anna Myers’ creative prose on love, hope and longing.

The Wish Keepers

Get whimsical and wish upon a star in writer Danielle’s short prose for us this Sunday.

All Souls

A Gothic-set vignette of waste, renewal and what has gone before, by Laura Hemmington.

Actions Speak Louder than Wishes

In a manifesto for simply being, Ksenia H tells us to take our wishes one day at a time, through the help of the Not Such a Bad Day project.

Millennial Tension

Molly Alessandra Cooper contemplates the millennial desire to do everything and nothing, and the conflict in ambitions that creates.

The Mudlark

Come scavange with us. Carrie Walsh takes you on a meandering journey of a mudlarker.


Tutku Barbaros is wishing away what might have happened in this powerful poem. (tw: rape)

A Wish List

What could be more apt for our first piece on WISH than one girl’s list of simple wishes? By Elizabeth Lovatt.

gal-dem at the V&A + other events in the DD calendar

High on life following a Friday night spent in the company of gal-dem, once again DD shares with you what’s coming up in our diary