June’s Letter | Transit

Dear Damsels

Our June theme is TRANSIT.

Moving across, travelling through, packing a bag and finding out what’s at the other end of the train line, bus route or ocean.

It’s an in-between state where anything can happen, when you belong to neither here nor there, meeting people on the same path and passing through each other’s lives.

It’s getting to a stage in your life when you can look back, and try to work out the steps you took to get there. When you look at old photos and don’t recognise the person you left behind.

There are so many journeys that we end up taking. We hope you let us join you on yours.

Love and thanks,

DD x

Submissions are no longer being accepted for this theme.You can read the contributions below. 

A Commuter’s Journey

Linh Nguyen writes beautifully about the one journey we all know so well – the commute.


Barbican Young Poet Anna Kahn’s poem covers age, journey and potential – all from the smallest acorn.

City of Lights

Kara Rennie’s story takes us to a sleepless journey on a Greyhound bus from LA to Vegas.

DD Reading List: Transit

DD’s back this month with four choices for your TRANSIT reading list – with a little help from some people who know a thing or two about books.

Do Not Go Walking Alone

A short story by Elizabeth Lovatt on walking through a city – and through other people’s lives.

Growing Up

Alizée Chesnoy writes about the moment before moving on – from friends, from a city, and towards a whole new stage in life

In Transit

Between jobs/places to live/stages in life? Angharad Sillitoe’s short piece of fiction is for you.

It Broadens The Mind

Anna Kahn’s second poetry contribution pulls us back to a childhood memory of hope and travel

Life in Motion

A childhood on the road means that Emma Figg is an expert at packing. Here she offers useful advice for anyone who has to fit their life in a bag

North and South

Anne Perry considers her favourite book, Elizabeth Gaskell’s North and South, and the cross-country move in her childhood that makes her feel so connected to it.

Once Upon A Time in a Girl Far Far Away

Get swept away in the current of Helen Li’s dreamy prose about time, introversion and girlhood.

Pop Rocks and Diet Coke

Jane Bradley’s short story features truth and dare and unexpected allies on a tumultuous bus ride home from school.


In Kara Rennie’s short story, a train journey takes someone back to the person they once were.

The Adventures of Tin Tin’s Wife

Lucy Cuthew challenges stereotypes perpetuated from childhood in a poem full of movement, momentum, and a desire for adventure.

The Discomfort of Adventure

Emma Baines-Dinning on leaps of faith, taking chances and taking routes you never even considered

The Night Train: Part One

As a train rushes through India, two young lovers are drawn towards their future… The first part of a beautiful short story by Lucy Cuthew

The Night Train: Part Two

The second part of a two-part short story by Lucy Cuthew. The train continues its journey, and the lovers’ future comes ever closer.