August 2016 – Generation

Dear Damsels,

Our theme for August is GENERATION.

It’s about youth. About potential. About what’s come before.  About connectivity and change and who we are, right now, in this moment.

We’re defined by it, whether we like it or not. Millenials, Generation Y – people desperately trying to work out what makes us tick, about who we are, about how to ‘get’ us.

We’re constantly told how lucky we are. How much we can do. It’s a daunting expectation that we are desperately trying to catch up with, in a world that keeps pushing us back down.

It’s freedom. There is so much yet that we can do. Tell us about it, Damsels.

We’re excited to see what you create.

Thanks and love,

DD x

Submissions are now longer being accepted for this theme. You can read the contributions below.

Ajit Singh

Jaspreet Sangha’s poem for the generations that came before her sings of heritage and inheritance.

Changing Childhoods

As part of a generation that has grown up alongside the internet, Yen-Rong Wong is perfectly positioned to ask where is all this change leading? And what will the next generation make of it?


A poem by Bridie Wilkinson, for the friendships that shape and guide us through our growth

Grazia Collective + Other Events in the DD Calendar

Team DD is constantly amazed at the amount of events on offer throughout London. Here we tell you about an evening spent with the Grazia Collective, and share our calendar with you.

How I Feel These Days

Our generation’s changing definitions, explored in Nicole Davis’s poignant poem

Inept Grownupditude

Emma Figg hilariously addresses our current generational plight, and what we can do to fight it.

Our Fathers, Where Are They?

In Kate Holford’s creative non-fiction, two people in a bookshop talk books and cultural idols

Out of Eden

Burgeoning temptation plays out in the landscape of a red-dirt Eden in Lauren Harwyn’s short story.

Red Hot Chili Panties

Through the magic portal of YouTube, Lucy Cuthew was recently able to rediscover her teenage love: Red Hot Chili Peppers. Now, in 2016, she realises her teen self was missing out.

The Age of Poetry

Linh Nguyen lyrically looks back at her childhood, “the age of poetry”.

The DD Reading List: Generation

Every month on DD we assemble a list of recommended reads, all relating to our monthly theme in one way or another. This month it’s GENERATION

The Fate of the Special Snowflake

Each of us grows up thinking that we are special and have great capability. But is that a generational vanity, or a responsibility? Melissa Mesku discusses

The Next Half Generation

Childhood friends, different paths and the opening of a time capsule in Angharad Sillitoe’s short story

The Pineapple

Montie Hanna summons the interplay between youth and experience against the backdrop of a sticky sweet summer, in her poem based around a particular fruit.

The Way We’ll Remember

As a generation that has assiduously photographed every moment of our life, Molly Alessandra Cooper asks how our ability to reminisce and remember will be affected in years to come.


Spice Girls. 90s pop. The show where they gunge people for fun. Culture shapes a generation – but should it separate and define it? Emma Jennings thinks not.