August 2016 – Generation

Dear Damsels,

Our theme for August is GENERATION.

It’s about youth. About potential. About what’s come before.  About connectivity and change and who we are, right now, in this moment.

We’re defined by it, whether we like it or not. Millenials, Generation Y – people desperately trying to work out what makes us tick, about who we are, about how to ‘get’ us.

We’re constantly told how lucky we are. How much we can do. It’s a daunting expectation that we are desperately trying to catch up with, in a world that keeps pushing us back down.

It’s freedom. There is so much yet that we can do. Tell us about it, Damsels.

We’re excited to see what you create.

Thanks and love,

DD x

Submissions are now longer being accepted for this theme. You can read the contributions below.

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