May 2016 – Tradition

Dear Damsels,

Our theme for May is TRADITION.

The things you’ve grown used to, a custom you’ve to come to expect, a routine you know inside out: tradition can be a comfort, or it can be a curse.

It marks the clash of cultures and generations and yet it can be something one passes on lovingly to the next.

Friday night dinners, birthday walks on the beach – these are traditions we’d never want to give up.

But traditional – a word that reads old hatoutmoded – is surely the antithesis of millennial. We are told change is good, but change can be hard to make.

Tell us about your traditions, or talk to us about changes you’ve made. Break a tradition through a piece of writing, or bring an old one back to life.

Love and thanks,

DD x

Submissions are no longer being accepted for this theme. You can read the contributions below. 

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