March 2016 | Home

Dear Damsels,

Our theme for March is HOME.

It’s a word that can mean a place. A person. A feeling. Something that you make for yourself or let others make for you. Somewhere you leave behind, and then wish you could return to.

It’s a building that you can’t shake from your memory. A place in your heart that you always find yourself yearning for. It’s a warm smile and a hug. It’s an uncomfortable silence and a stare. It’s the only place you want to go at the end of a long day.

Maybe you haven’t found your definition yet – maybe you’re still searching for spaces that you can fill, somewhere to stamp and claim as yours.

Whatever this word means to you, we want you to tell us. Our deadline for any submissions is 25th February.

Please see our submissions guidelines here. We hope your writing finds a home at Dear Damsels.

Thanks and love,

DD x

Submissions are no longer being accepted for this theme. You can read the contributions below. 

A Cultural Home: Barbican Young Poets Showcase + Other Events in the DD Calendar

Last week Team DD went on a date night to the Barbican Young Poets Showcase and had the time of our lives, so we’ve decided to share our list of upcoming, must-attend events with you. Read the list!

A New Place to Call Home

Jenny Campbell’s lyrical poem considers the places she’s been, taking her far away from the place she calls home.

Anne Frank Lives With Me

What makes a home? Emma Jennings uncovers its meaning to her through locations, houses, people, and Anne Frank.

DD Reading List: Home

Each month we pick four books relating to our monthly theme that we think you should read. Here’s this month’s suggested reading, all linking – in one way or another – to this month’s theme of HOME.

Feelings of Home

We can spend our lives looking for a place that feels like home – but to Alizée Chesnoy we already have everything we need to build a home in our back pockets.

Meet Tom

Emily Ford met Tom at a train station. This is the story of their encounter.

Missing Home: Home and Nostalgia

We often look back at the place we grew up through the idealising lens of nostalgia, but as Molly Alessandra Cooper explores, idealising an old home might not be as useful as finding a home in the present.

Mum, Please Fight

A poignant short story by Ellinor Kihlström on changing relationships.

Perfect Scars

On finding home in a person, and claiming a place in time as your own, by Kathy B.

Smells Like Home

We all notice how other people’s homes smell, and judge them accordingly. Liz Caraffi talks about the smells that mean home to her.

The Home Between Us

How do you explain home when it exists between people? Caitlin Wilkinson tries to, with a little help from her sister, Bridie.

The House that Built Us

Moving on often means reflecting on where you’ve been. Emma Baines-Dinning talks about leaving behind the house that made her.

The Places Love Died

Evocative poetry from Scarlett Kefford on dismantled homes.

Time and Relative Dimension in the United States

A.C. McGrath on finding a home on a television screen, and making your way there, eventually.

Where I Hang My Hat

Taking us neatly from HOME to LANGUAGE, Tannith Matthew talks about the definition and the many meanings of home.