January 2016 – Creation

Dear Damsels,

Our debut theme for submissions this month is  CREATION.

An ode to burgeoning beginnings and shaky starts, to holding your breath and jumping right in.

Something that captures that initial spark of an idea and the frisson that occurs as your thoughts lead to actions.

It’s about your creative ability. About your body’s creative ability. About your city’s creative ability. Of the formation of relationships, of ties, of hopes and expectations.

Sylvia Plath said that “the worst enemy to creativity is self-doubt” –  so don’t doubt. Send us something.

Dear Damsels accepts any form of creative writing – non-fiction, prose, poetry, personal narrative, features etc. We are looking for your voice and a style that strikes a chord with your fellow damsels.

Love, DD x


Submissions are no longer being accepted for this theme. You can read the contributions below. 

50 Shaded Poems

Poet Cassy Fry shares with us her evocative blackout poetry, taken from Fifty Shades of Grey.

Before Life On Mars

A lyrical tribute to David Bowie, master of Creation.

Creating Ava: Review of Ex Machina

Ex Machina has been described as a feminist artificial intelligence thriller. Abby Parsons explores that in her review.

Creating Dear Damsels

As the end of our first month online draws to a close, we wanted to take the opportunity to tell you more about why we set up Dear Damsels.

DD Reading List: Creation

Each month we provide a suggested reading list tying into our theme. Here’s the reading list for creation.

Lessons from My Beginnings

Olivia Sleet is here to tell us what she’s learned from starting new ventures

Limericks for the Lunchtime Dieters

How’s that #eatclean diet working out for you? Take some lyrical motivation from these limericks.

Making Friends

Having just moved to London, Abby Parsons asks herself why she’s so bad at creating friendships.

Ode to My Underwater Camera (circa 2000)

Dear Damsels photographer Libby Earland praises the camera that got her into photography. #Canon

Problems of Creativity : Review of Me and Earl and the Dying Girl

A review of the film Me, Earl and the Dying Girl, looking at the issues it raises with creativity.

Shaping Women’s Stories: Lee Miller Exhibition Review

Read Bridie Wilkinson’s review of Imperial War Museum’s Lee Miller exhibition, ‘A Woman’s War’, in which she questions the chosen narrative.

Something About Writing

Bridie Wilkinson explores the idea of creation through poetry

The Narrow Glass

An evocative piece of prose from Emma Jennings, exploring the creation of a moment.

Thoughts whilst Throwing

Creating things out of clay is a contemplative experience. Kitty Stogdon tells us about it here.