February 2016 – Privilege

Dear Damsels,

We’re pleased to introduce to you our second monthly theme: PRIVILEGE

Perk or prerogative. Exemption, excuse, added extra.

It’s unconditional from the ones you love, beneficial on your behalf, given with no questions asked.

It’s something you’re born with. Or born without. It’s something you are given. It’s something you earn.

In the age of #firstworldproblems we’re a generation that is forever trying to shrug off our privilege. To analyse exactly what we – and others – deserve. Is it then, something to hide?

The privileges you take for granted, the privileges you allow yourself, the privileges you give to others: we want to hear about them all.

We feel privileged to have been able to read and share your words this past month, so please, keep it coming! For more info on the kind of thing we like to see, please see our submission guidelines. Our deadline for any submissions is the 28th January.

Love and thanks,

DD x

Submissions are no longer being accepted for this theme. You can read the contributions below. 

A Hot Date with You

This Valentine’s take yourself on a date with you – Fiona Longmuir tells us about the benefits.

Act 2

Stereotyping, white washing and sexism – all discussed in Emma Jennings’s short story about theatre.

Be Kind to Yourself

Why is it so hard to treat yourself the way you treat others?


Last Thursday night, Team DD put on their glad rags and headed to Twitter HQ for the inaugural IRL Panel. Here we catch up about our night – via Twitter DMs, for an added hint of IRL irony.

DD Reading List: Privilege

Every month we provide you with a pick of four books, all relating to our monthly theme in one way or another. Read on for this month’s suggested reading, this time linking into PRIVILEGE.

Giving Female Artists the Privilege: Review of Champagne Life

We review the Saatchi Gallery’s current exhibition, ‘Champagne Life’, a collection of all-female artists.

My Sixth Lover and other poems

A collection of poems on privilege in relationships, written by Alex Hackett.

Privilege and the Audience

Does it matter about the gender of bums on seats? Feminist theatre-maker Holly Robinson discusses privileging one audience over another.

Privilege in Publishing

An opinion piece on publishing, privilege and Harry Potter, by Editorial Assistant Sharan Matharu.

Privilege to Pimp a Butterfly

To get people’s respect in any situation, you first have to have confidence and respect in yourself – but this isn’t always as easy as it looks . . . Molly Alessandra Cooper considers.

Privilege: A Dirty Word?

Privilege. What does this loaded word mean? Objectively, that is. We’ll get to the slippery, subjective meanings soon enough.

Shine Theory

We break down #shinetheory and the privileges of friendships.

Small Things

Emma Baines Dinning provides a gentle reminder of the small, simple things – because sometimes we forget.

Taking the Chance: Young, Female and Travelling

After finishing university, Laura Ponting decided to travel South America on her own. Here she tells us about her travel experiences, and why the pause in her career was worth it.

The Female

As International Women’s Day draws near, we are excited to kick off the discussion with a piece by Cosmo Blog Award Shortlisted The London Ladybird, about what we have to celebrate – and conquer.

White, Fifteen, and Appearing Age Twelve

Our privilege is often invisible to us until it is taken away. Emma Dawson’s short, sharp piece contemplates this.