February 2016 – Privilege

Dear Damsels,

We’re pleased to introduce to you our second monthly theme: PRIVILEGE

Perk or prerogative. Exemption, excuse, added extra.

It’s unconditional from the ones you love, beneficial on your behalf, given with no questions asked.

It’s something you’re born with. Or born without. It’s something you are given. It’s something you earn.

In the age of #firstworldproblems we’re a generation that is forever trying to shrug off our privilege. To analyse exactly what we – and others – deserve. Is it then, something to hide?

The privileges you take for granted, the privileges you allow yourself, the privileges you give to others: we want to hear about them all.

We feel privileged to have been able to read and share your words this past month, so please, keep it coming! For more info on the kind of thing we like to see, please see our submission guidelines. Our deadline for any submissions is the 28th January.

Love and thanks,

DD x

Submissions are no longer being accepted for this theme. You can read the contributions below. 

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