by Elspeth Wilson

This is the first time in a long time
that someone has held me fiercely and said
let’s leap
without agenda nor consequence

to run with abandon
towards a cloaked sun, ungraspable on the horizon
is like a tongue along dry lips
providing the sweetness of forgetting discomfort for one stretched

I clasp your hand and don’t let go
until we are far away from our beginnings.

Elspeth Wilson | @ellijwilson | Project PleasurAble

Elspeth is a researcher and writer interested in all things gender and sexuality related. She is a big believer in blurring boundaries between ‘art’ and ‘academia’ and always looks for creative ways to approach research. She is new to writing creatively and prefers to write poetry, essays and short stories and is currently working on a project about the experience of pleasure post-trauma.

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