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Sometimes Strength

Danielle Wynne's poem finds a quiet kind of power in unexpected places.

by Danielle Wynne

Power doesn’t always shout,
confidence doesn’t always stride in and make itself known,
it sometimes treads lightly and is simply present.

Power isn’t always a shout or a scream,
sometimes it is just rising one morning and choking back a coffee.

Sometimes power is walking out of the door and never coming back again.

Occasionally power means protection, self-preservation.

Sometimes strength is withholding your power until the time is right,
sometimes it is nurturing it, letting it grow – in comfort and in quiet.

Sometimes strength is just waiting it out.


Danielle Wynne | @yelaness
Danielle is a former journalism student and an amateur writer from Cheshire, UK. Find out more at daniellewynne.wordpress.com.

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