by Elizabeth Lovatt 

(in no particular order)

  1. To not have to double stack books on my book shelves
  2. To have internet that never drops below 20 mbps
  3. To live in a self-cleaning house where dust never settles
  4. To have someone to listen to the thoughts in my head
  5. To have someone who will let me listen to the thoughts in their head
  6. To never have to iron again
  7. A coffee table for my coffee table books
  8. To like coffee
  9. To believe myself when I say that money isn’t everything, that not even happiness is everything, that it is enough to just be
  10. A new pair of trainers
  11. A better, faster phone with more memory
  12. More money
  13. To know if you can ever really know another person fully
  14. To know that it’s not just me that feels this way
  15. To believe that it’s ok to be bad at some things
  16. To feel safe after dark when walking home alone
  17. To always get a seat on the train in the morning
  18. To know how to live as a separate whole person and still share the parts of myself that are important
  19. To always know what to wear tomorrow
  20. To have an endless list of good ideas
  21. To know good art when I see it and know bad art when I make it
  22. To be able to afford my own home
  23. For bad things not to happen to good people
  24. For bad things not to happen to bad people
  25. For bad things not to happen
  26. To know the difference between naivety and hopefulness
  27. To not say things I regret
  28. To not kill every plant I’ve ever owned
  29. To know that past-me is not the same as present-me and present-me will not be the same as future-me
  30. To not want so many things and so badly
  31. More wishes

Elizabeth’s flash fiction and short stories have been featured as part of National Flash Fiction Day 2015 and in the upcoming issues of Halo Lit Mag and Severine Literary Journal. Elizabeth currently lives in London and works for Tate making postcards and prints.

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