The August Letter

Dear Damsels,

The theme for August is CURIOSITY.

A desire to know more, do more and be more. A desire to discover.

It’ll find you in your late-night wonderings and perennial wanderlust, in long evenings spent in libraries and on night buses and trains, on the cusp of working it all out.

It’s question after question; a never-stay-still, more-to-learn thirst that will not be quenched. It’s asking more of the world around you, your friends, and yourself. It’s finding hidden depths within those places that surprise even you.

It’s accepting you’ll never know it all, but refusing to accept what you currently know.

So feed our curiosity, damsels, and write for us. Our writing guidelines can be found here, and submissions close Sunday 30th July. We can’t wait to hear from you.

Thanks and love,
DD x

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