Uncivil War

Lauren Gauge's poem addresses all that has been entrusted to the highest position of power, deserved or not.

by Lauren Gauge
Piggyback on the US constitution by laying your limbs on Gettysburg,
less the gravitas Lincoln acquired through merit

but gunning for that same title.

Presidential oratory leads nations through times of depression and uncertainty.

Animals like you lead nothing but empty lost souls
to their certain fate of confusion,
when the battlefield they wish they knew
of freedom and justice
The faces of their enemies
being the holy, righteous, activists of the US constitution,
taunt their ideals like twinkling stars
on a horizon they will never surpass,
for their minds will not lay ajar long enough
for the wisdom and acceptance to
This is the frontline.

The scriptures never wrote the names,

but the people were expected to elect them.
The knowledge they gained during term time;
the feeling of hatred and love
bred in them,
harvested each atrocity,
the only aspect they draw upon now.
Teachers trust them.
Their families trust them.
The US constitution empowers them.
But the scriptures never taught them the names,
the names they need to choose
before the battlefield envelops them all.



Lauren Gauge | @LGauge

Lauren Gauge is a poet, performer and producer. Fascinated by the power of comedy and theatre, Gauge’s poem-turned-play The Unmarried sold out three festivals in 2016 at Lyric Hammersmith, Camden People’s Theatre and Herstory and is touring UK festivals in 2017. Raw, electrifying show.’ London Theatre 1 ★★★★★’ The Unmarried is simply put a spoken word / theatrical event that is truly original.’ Female Arts
For collaborations and bookings contact @LGauge.

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