The Home Between Us

How do you explain home when it exists between people? Caitlin Wilkinson tries to, with a little help from her sister, Bridie.


If home is where my hat is, I seem to have lost it.

Occasionally I think I’ve heard it through the telephone or seen it on a screen glare,

or caught it passing through in our stories, anecdotes and laughter,

Where the boring parts are skipped in favour of flicking to the good bits –

Because home can come in many forms,

adapting its meaning as it is transported across the miles between us,

a skill proven by growing up with uncertainty, between two houses, on our weekly schedule.

Sometimes I go searching for it in the wrong places,

Or sometimes I think I may have found it somewhere else,

falsely recognising the familiarity in a safe space

I am wrong, of course.

Because it exists between us.

Our own special version of it.

Not the safety of four walls, a front door and a gate,

But four kids, a mother and a dog.

Caitlin Wilkinson | @wilkycaits
Edited by Bridie Wilkinson | @bridifer | Russian Novel

Caitlin is a biology student at Brighton whose aim in life is to snuggle a sloth. Bridie is her older sister by three years. After spending 12 years of their lives sharing a room, they thought it was time that they shared some poetry too.