Taking Care

Jaclyn Quigley returns with the shortest and sweetest of pieces on the comfort of morning rituals.

by Jaclyn Quigley

Photo credit: Bronson Farr (www.bronsonfarr.com)
Photo credit: Bronson Farr (www.bronsonfarr.com)

Getting out of bed in the morning, tiptoeing to the kitchen to brew a pot of coffee. Filling a cup of water to shower my thirsty plants. Two scoops of food in the dog’s bowl and a short walk to the grassy patch across the street for her to stretch her legs. Pouring him a to-go mug when I come back in, kissing him on his way out the door.

An hour on the couch with my notebook, turning life into words, my emotions into sentences. A shower, gently combing through my knotty hair, letting the warm water wash away the night of sleep before. Drying off, wrapping myself in a cosy towel, clothes to prepare me for the day.

Taking care of things now that I can take care of myself again. The quiet of morning gracefully taking me in, letting me wake up slowly, holding me close as I hold my family close, getting us ready to face the day, already ready to come home and be together again.

Jaclyn Quigley | @jaclyn_quigley website

Jaclyn Quigley is a writer, a lover, a fighter. Her heart is in New York, her body is in Dallas. She’s not into bullshit.

This piece was originally published on Jaclyn’s site which you can find here: jaclynquigley.squarespace.com/writing/takingcare

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