Not Knowing

How do we know which choice will be the right one? How do we decide what's most important to us? Jaclyn Quigley contemplates those all-important life decisions through poetry.

by Jaclyn Quigley


The pressure of
not knowing
what will happen with my work:

Can I be
a writer
even when I sometimes have nothing to say,
a designer
with no training and just
an affinity for beautiful things,
a business owner with no plans
of settling down?

I want to do the work
that makes me feel something,
create something beautiful,
add something to the world.

Is it enough to just create
in my own home
and let the world take care of itself?
Is it enough for me?
Can I be happy only consuming?
How do I create something
that means something?

What will happen with my work?
What will happen with me?

Jaclyn Quigley | @jaclyn_quigley website

Jaclyn Quigley is a writer, a lover, a fighter. Her heart is in New York, her body is in Dallas. She’s not into bullshit.

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