My Sixth Lover and other poems

A collection of poems on privilege in relationships, written by Alex Hackett.

photo courtesy of Sam Canvin.



the top of my foot stings

marked by a sexually depraved cat
and I bleed and drink hot deep red
Laurence baby, I call it.
and alonetogether
in our black bodies
clamours constant for attention
we’d show our pink raw pieces to anybody.




my sixth lover

knew in a puddle
grasped my hand
and let the poem
prod under ribs
under his.




Hear Bristle on bed sheets

Hear you falling into sleepstate

In breaths slow
our tense body limbs
Aware of its inner sides
as they click and throats close in and out
Aware of our bodies inner and outer and
how we get in between
Intersperse ourselves
Interpret those whisper clicks as words
I’m next to you in silent box
In mind it’s silent bed.


Alex Hackett |
Alex Hackett is a writer, image-maker, and trained sandwich maker. She is currently studying for an MFA in Art Space and Nature at Edinburgh College of Art; working with text, image and the edible, in the realms of the natural and the unnatural.