Lessons in the Art of Living

Take some tips from Jenny Campbell's poem – on letting go and moving forward.


by Jenny Campbell


The moments I wish I could relive,
Times to forget and people to forgive,
Anger and regret, beauty and bliss,
One uncertain foot away from the abyss,
Trying not to make a wrong move,
Deciding what I want to prove,
If only I could know each and every path’s outcome –
I could see where I’m going, not just where I’m from,
Chance would be a fine thing,
To be sure of what life will bring.

Letting go of what I had planned,
Embracing all the things I have to hand,
No longer hoping for endless possibilities,
Acknowledging life’s versatility
And choosing just the one way –
Solely – to accept every day.

Solitude is my peace of mind,
Never alone, but to myself, confined.
Time seems to fall away and stand still,
But I press on, steadily up the hill,
To retrieve a remedy that lies within,
No longer waiting for my real life to begin.

Jenny Campbell | @jenbob_27

Jenny Campbell works for a publishing house in London. When she’s not devouring chocolate, she’s devouring books. Diabolo trickster and indie music fanatic.

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