Is It Easy?

Accepting responsibility for our own happiness isn't always easy; Molly Cooper considers the choice we have when we let other feelings take over instead.

by Molly Cooper

Not everyone knows this trick: we don’t always have to feel how we sometimes do. We can choose not to feel like this. Choose not to be this way, choose another way to feel.

It sounds so easy: ‘choose’. It doesn’t feel easy. It’s a challenge which we don’t feel like taking on sometimes.

It’s very easy to get so stuck in our own heads, that we begin to refuse to help ourselves. We can get stubborn; we do nothing.

But, if we really want to, we can choose not to let it smother us. We can choose to be as dense and solid and fixed as we possibly can be, until it rolls over us.

If we recognise that we’re reluctant to engage with others, that we’ve become reclusive, or are feeling hard done by, we can prevent it from engulfing us. We don’t have to be this bored. By acknowledging the presence of that which we don’t want, we can begin to try to get rid of it.

It wears and embraces us, but we can wear and embrace it back. We can use it as a lever to direct us to choose to make the most of our time, in order to conquer the looming darkness.

Is it easy_quote

We can make the choice to remember what we enjoy, what will distract and get us through these moments. We can choose to do something which we take pride in, or spend time learning to make it all more worthwhile.

I can’t always choose this way out; it’s not that easy. But when I do, I challenge myself to do things which take a bit more effort than staying in and scrolling through Facebook at home. I do productive things, try to keep learning, and give myself a big pat on the back for having the nerve to take responsibility for my happiness; even as adults, we still need this childlike recognition.

It will pass – even if it feels like it has already consumed us. For me, it’s about acknowledging these lows and facing up to them, finding a solution. It’ll take some practice, but we can start to fight back.

Molly Alessandra Cooper | @Mollyalessandra | Instagram
A photography graduate who is more interested in learning, yoga, life drawing and glitter.

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