A intricate poem playing with writing, wordplay and literature, by Louisa Stark

by Louisa Stark

Io poem

Cast: alpha
Male and Betty
Spaghetti limpid letters in plaster but

I am bic:
I write and so

I hope you like
Your saccharine sour with rind still on it
And that you also like to take the time for

Soliloquising; iodining
Before to bath in io’s and that if you Ulysses then I,

I’ll be Undine and don’t politely decline to hear
I on literature or cinema or ion interaction – uh-oh io!

Split milk squid ink spilt – and white fluid
Or in the petrol rainbow vein of indigo and violence

Is written intrinsickness of the
Innermost thoughts of an intro-
Verted Venus; her drip is the languid absolute that

I am your ittle iamb
A pen to tame an eater

Of albino rose hips, languishing
And loving knowledge – loving it.

Louisa Stark

Louisa is studying for a BA in fine art at Goldsmiths and mostly makes collages and poems; she is interested in the female voice, myths, sensory experience and writing about writing.

Instagram: @lula_may_